Although online casinos have only been officially allowed in Sweden for almost two years, the regulations are to be changed again now. Interestingly, this is an order that was awarded back in 2018. The first information on what the new restrictions might look like was recently published.

As part of the corona pandemic, a betting limit was defined for online casinos that are legal in Sweden . This limit should counteract the increased gaming behavior that occurred during lockdown. Based on this rule, every player in Sweden is only allowed to deposit just under 500 euros per week.

Due to the new research, it could now happen that the betting limit will be decided forever. Originally, the betting limit was only to apply until the end of 2020, then until mid-2021. If there is actually a permanent betting limit, the players in Sweden could basically be happy: If the new State Treaty on Gambling comes into force in Germany next year, German players will be able to do so deposit only 1000 euros per month. This means that Swedish players are allowed to deposit twice as much.

Advertising for gambling is also being reconsidered

This point is not new either and has recently been reconsidered and regulated differently by many countries. Spain decided at the beginning of the year that no advertising for games of chance could be broadcast during the day. Sweden sees it similarly and does not want to broadcast any more advertising during the day in the future. There should be no more advertising for legal and licensed online casinos between six in the morning and nine in the evening.

The gambling association is against the advertising restriction. He fears that the players would then resort to illegal offers. The Gambling Association has either not given a specific reason for this fear or has not published it. It was only pointed out that there are currently far more people using illegal offers than was ever set as a goal.

However, it is not clear why a restriction in advertising leads to many players going to illegal providers. Of course, an advertisement could lead to significantly more players learning about the legal online casinos. Whether or not they will then register with these casinos remains open, of course. Even official advertising does not prevent players from moving to illegal providers.

Gambling Authority criticizes government

In the further course, the gambling association again pointed out that the government is doing too little against the illegal providers. Logically, players can only go to the unlicensed providers if their activity is not prohibited or otherwise prevented. However, if that were the case, the licensed online casinos could also officially advertise.

In general, the question arises whether an advertisement might not even promote responsible gaming. It is true that this is the first time many people find out that there are certain online casinos. In this context, however, the following principle could apply: Everything that is prohibited is interesting. Everything that is allowed is boring. However, anyone who advertises can make it clear to the public that gambling is okay as long as a certain behavior is shown.This could even encourage responsible gaming.

This is how you can recognize reputable providers

It may not always be easy to distinguish the serious from the dubious providers. Many dubious providers also have a license . So the license alone does not make the difference. It is important that the gaming provider presents important factors transparently. These also include the chances of winning, the determination of the winnings and any costs that may arise.

It is important that every game works randomly. The outcome of a game cannot be foreseen or even influenced. Nevertheless, the realistic chances of winning and the payout rate must be mentioned beforehand. This is the only way for each player to decide which game to take part in.

A reputable provider advises that gambling can be addictive. Good online casinos also offer ways in which a player can protect himself. These include self-selected limits, a time limit or even self-exclusion.

Of course, all customers love bonuses . For this reason, the online casinos not only offer a welcome bonus, but also promotions for regular customers. These actions must be playable at any time. The wagering requirements for money bonuses should not be too high. The same applies to free spins without a deposit : The turnover of the free spins must not be too high. This is the only way to have a realistic chance of winning with the free free spins.

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